CW_Michael for Genesis 8 Male

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio


CW_Michael for Genesis 8 Male

A world where everything wants to kill you
this is Michael’s world. Always alert, capable of suffering,
courageous, persevering, these are the qualities that best describe him.
He has to fight and kill to avoid getting killed himself.
Dirt and scars on his body bear witness to his daily struggle in a hostile environment.
24 different eye colors help Michael to always keep the right perspective in the thicket of the jungle.
There are matching eyebrows and eyelashes in many colors, as well as a three-day beard.
5 different skin colors ensure varied type transformations.
LIE blush for the face and ears and LIE scars for the face and chest ensure effective renders.

Adventure with Michael in a world before time or another universe where the enemy of man is not man,
but dinosaurs and the daily struggle for survival





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