CW_Fang for Genesis 8 Male

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio


CW_Fang for Genesis 8 Male

Fang looks around searching and then sees what he needs, half buried in the sand.
The young, shy and loner is an alchemist, keen to experiment and has amazing abilities.
On his long hikes through impassable landscapes, a black crow is his constant companion.
Fang feels very comfortable in fantasy and sci-fi genres. But of course there are no limits to your fantasy,
especially when you work with the numerous materials that are available for this character.
In addition to an elf-eared morph, there is a 3-day beard in 10 colors that makes him look daring.
4 disappearing skins, blush for cheeks, lips and ears add accents.
Experiment with this expressive character in his alchemist laboratory and put him in the spotlight.
Fang will definitely enrich your content





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