Yan for Genesis 8.1 Female

Artist: https://www.renderhub.com/gendragon3d/yan-for-genesis-8-1-female
Asset Link: https://www.renderhub.com/gendragon3d/yan-for-genesis-8-1-female
Compatible Software: Daz Studio


Yan Character for Genesis 8.1 Female
Say hello to Yan for Genesis 8.1 Female, my newest Daz Studio character.
Yan is a beautiful Asian girl and has a cute face and a sexy body with medium breasts and youth.
She is a very sweet girl but can be very seductive.
Yan, I’d love to be featured in her next 3D render of Daz, so make it part of her content library.
Yan comes with four types of beautiful skin, all of which are very sexy. She also has dozens of
materials for the face, eyes and mouth.
It also comes with genital texture support for all four skin materials, including a PBR Skin.
Yan has fiber mesh eyebrows with three different lash materials to match skin tones.
She comes with a variety of eye colors, makeup, lips custom made for this character.





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