Wrestling Poses for Genesis 8 & 9 Female

Artist: https://www.renderosity.com/marketplace/products/160498
Asset Link: https://www.renderosity.com/marketplace/products/160498
Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY


Wrestling Pose Pack for Genesis 9 & 8 Female

The first ever wrestling pose pack for Genesis 9 and it will also work for Genesis 8. I’ve made sure to pack in all types of diverse poses to help you tell a story: Special Moves, Finishers, Submissions, Pin Falls and Roll Ups. All types of different moves often seen in the wrestling ring. Wanna settle a score between a heroine and villainess? Put an annoying bad girl in her place or teach a few moves to an upcoming vigilante? Look no further, with these sets of couple poses you’ll be able to do just that, no matter if you prefer Genesis 8 or 9. These poses will you give you the tools to enhance both your beautiful renders as well as your inspiring stories.

20 Couple poses for both Genesis 8 & 9 Female
I like to include expressions as a way to enhance the poses, but I’ve also added a “zero facial expression” pose in both the Genesis 8 & 9 versions that you can double click if you wish to remove them.





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