Wonder Wedges

Artist: https://www.renderosity.com/marketplace/products/161042/wonder-wedges
Asset Link: https://www.renderosity.com/marketplace/products/161042/wonder-wedges
Compatible Software: Daz Studio


The Wonder Wedges are a simple pair of shoes for the Genesis 8 Female figure in Daz Studio with iRay.

The Wonder Wedges are the perfect shoes for all occasions from a Night at the Opera and Day ar the Races or even a short Hop the the Farside of the moon.

The Shoes includes a selection of Material Options to Change entire Figure and Shader Options to Change just selected Surfaces

The shoe Include Adjustment morphs to help fitting that along with a custom morphs and autofitting can fit many shapes.

To use the shaders, in the Surfaces Tab, select the surface(s) you want to change and then apply the shader.

Shoes are meant to only be used with the toes bent from -45 to -60 and the metatarsals bent to 11.25
Shoe are not meant to be used with the individual toes posed
A Lock Toes Bonus script is provided to lock the toes and metatarsals
Also includes an UnLock Script
Bonus scripts by Websoul





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