WkD3D G9 Face Pack

Artist: https://www.renderosity.com/marketplace/products/156999/wkd3d-g9-face-pack
Asset Link: https://www.renderosity.com/marketplace/products/156999/wkd3d-g9-face-pack
Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.21


Expand your library of Genesis 9 people with this Face Pack containing 4 male and 6 female head morphs created in Blender. These unique faces, featuring a range of ethnicities, will give you an instant varied cast of characters to populate your latest renders.

This product contains only the head morphs – no textures are included. All the promo images were created using the free Genesis 9 base skins that come with the Genesis 9 starter essentials.

The morph dials or one-click presets will automatically dial in the base Feminine or Masculine head shape, which is required for the correct appearance of the morphs.

Preset icons for adding or removing the head morphs can be found under:

People\Genesis 9\Shapes\WkD3D G9 Face Pack

Morph Parameter dials are located in the Parameters tab under:

Genesis 9\Actor\Head\People\Feminine\WkD3D G9 Face Pack
Genesis 9\Actor\Head\People\Masculine\WkD3D G9 Face Pack


WkD3D G9F Face 01 – Abigail (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D G9F Face 02 – Monique (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D G9F Face 03 – Emily (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D G9F Face 04 – Gabrielle (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D G9F Face 05 – Rosie (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D G9F Face 06 – Satomi (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D G9M Face 01 – Benny (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D G9M Face 02 – Harold (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D G9M Face 03 – Cyrus (Apply/Remove)
WkD3D G9M Face 04 – Darius (Apply/Remove)





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