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Compatible Software: Daz Studio


Tony Nese 2k20, arrives at Renderhub!!.

The character comes with the following:
-The character in his body, (it brings Diffuse, Specular, Roughness, Normal, Bump and SSS maps, 2048×2048 pixels).
-Hair, Beard, Eyelashes, eyes with realistic shader and fibermesh eyebrows.
-An outfit of clothing (Boots and Knee Pads, Underpants, and Wristbands).

Tony Nese 2k20 comes with, G8 male custom lashes, fibermesh eyebrows,
The character comes with a texture shader (you can find this material in the materials folder).
It also comes with two scripts, one to apply the morph and another to remove it.
The character is “Actor” with a complete morph, there is no separate head or body, keep that in mind.

The Boots and Knee Pads come with a script, which when applying these clothes to the character,
hides the geometry of the character, avoiding problems of transferring the character’s geometry with clothing.
The clothes bring extra morphs to modify the clothes in Parameters/Actor/Clothing/Fixer/Morphs.





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