Tire Tracks and Road Rut Decals

Artist: https://www.daz3d.com/tire-tracks-and-road-rut-decals
Asset Link: https://www.daz3d.com/tire-tracks-and-road-rut-decals
Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.22


Make a mark on your digital roads and paths with Tire Tracks and Road Rut Decals for Daz Studio!

There are over 140 tire tracks and road ruts, both wet and dry, some with inverted normals to give a raised effect, in pairs and single; in short, pretty much anything you need to break up that pristine road surface in your scene!

There are sand, mud, chalk, rubber, and more substrate textures, as well as the ability to change the opacity of the track in any given decal at the click of a mouse.

The decals are saved in different proportions to make it easy for you to load the one you need and keep track of it in the scene tab. Once loaded (they load horizontally to make life easy for you) and parented to the surface on which you want the decal to appear (in the case of UltraScenery: the UltraScenery terrain), you can scale them to your heart’s content.

Top tip: Don’t like the order in which the decals are laying on your surface? Go to your Scene tab, select the decal, and then in the Parameters/Decal tab, change the Priority value (the decals load at 2). Anything below 2 will be under the decal, and anything above 2 will lay on top of it. You can therefore stack decals on top of one another and change which shows up on top of what by altering their priority values here!

Where you have material options marked ‘Dep’ Ind’ Inv’ this means that there are different normals so that the decal can appear raised or depressed (depending upon the normal maps of the object you are laying it on top of).

All in all, this giant bundle of decals will add realism to your roads, ruts to your lanes, and character to your paths!

So burn that digital rubber and rumble that digital cart and make tracks!





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