T-51 Power Armor for G9

Artist: https://www.renderhub.com/kainjy/t-51-power-armor-for-g9
Asset Link: https://www.renderhub.com/kainjy/t-51-power-armor-for-g9
Compatible Software: Daz Studio


Now you can wear your G9 with T-51 Power Armor from Fallout videogames.
Make your G9 a Brotherhood of Steel knight (you can use any Genesis but requires manually parent).
The frame is compatible with G9 poses (some tweaks requested‥ but almost it works) and includes morph to:
– open/close armor
– open/close helmet
– turn back valve
– low-raise helmet led
– extract power core

The armor inludes:
– 1 frame (main part to pose)
– 1 helmet
– 1 torso armor
– 2 arms armor
– 2 legs armor
– 1 jetpack
– 1 Atomic Power Core

Many material presets:
– 3 for every piece to change metallic look
– 3 for every piece to change color





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