SY The Natural Body HD Morphs and Merchant Resource

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.22

Required Products: Genesis 9 Starter Essentials


No human body is perfect. SY The Natural Body HD Morphs Genesis 9 helps portray this.

We have little folds, creases, asymmetries, and rough patches. Even the healthiest and most athletic people have crooked abs or knobby knees. Even thin women often have cellulite. Even athletic men often look soft in the belly when they’re not flexing and dehydrated. Human skin’s slight natural roughness imparts a rich, velvety texture unlike anything else.

To add these little details to your renders, this set has 57 HD morphs for different body areas and effects. Most are sculpted at 25 million polygons in Zbrush.

They will keep revealing details right up to five subdivisions on Genesis 9. All are sculpted with each side done separately, not mirrored, so the two hands aren’t identical, the two feet aren’t identical, and so on. Regardless of the body texture, your characters can increase in realism with these morphs!

Note: This product is also a Merchant Resource





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