Stencil On Skin

Asset Link:
Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.21


The product consists of an “Iray Decal Node” parented to a “Rigid Follow Node”,
which is parented to a small part of the figure’s mesh.
Select the “Iray Decal Node” and choose material presets to change the images.
The “Iray Decal Node” must be pareted to a figure or other mesh to appear on its surfaces.
It works in Iray only.
You can drag the “Iray Decal Node” under the clothings of the figure, make it appear on it,
in the “Scene” panel.
You can duplicate the  “Iray Decal Node”(in the Scene panel, click “Edit – Duplicate – Duplicate Nodes),
scale & move it (in the viewport), and make several images together.
Make sure it projects approximately towards the normal direction of the surfaces.
The coordinates of the “Rigid Follow Node” – the 3 collored bars – won’t show in the final render.
The product works on G8 and G8.1, male and female.
1.In some poses, the stencil might twist out of position, requiring manual adjustments.
2.When the “Iray decal node” is projected onto a sheer sloped surface, it might not look right.





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