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Compatible Software: Daz Studio


This package contains a morph set to turn Genesis 8 female base into “Maude,” a heavy-set granny character with weight gain and breast size options. Full list of morph options is provided below. She also comes with a custom created brassiere and panties that are intended to convey the idea of “Meemaw Underwear,” meaning the bra is anything but sexy and the panties ride up nearly to her ribs. Both clothing items contain morph options themselves. They also work pretty well with other Sonsy figures but again THEY ARE INTENDED FOR MAUDE ONLY! So I make no warranty on function with any other characters. The problem with larger frame and more customized characters is that clothing tends to stop working on them or it just gets warped too bad to use without fixing in Zbrush or some other modeling program. So in this case, I modeled the character (Maude) and then made the clothing to fit her frame and morphs. So they won’t work as well with other characters as they do with her. They do fit basic G8 body as shown in promotional images but the bra (especially) can get warped if you apply too wild of a shaping morph to your female figure. To accommodate that issue I made special breast size morphs for the brassiere so you don’t have to use Maude’s breast morphs if she’s wearing the bra. That’s right! Use the morphs for size included with the brassiere item itself. That will prevent distortion. This is my first foray into custom clothing so I’m not gonna say it’s super but it’s not bad and it fills a gap in clothing types that had long been missing in DAZ contentaka, a simple and basic bra and meemaw panties. Oh, the bra and panties come with preset material for Iray already on them so when they load, the texture is ready to go. It’s simple and white so you can adjust the color. They are also UV mapped so you can use other Iray fabric presets you might have. Be aware that both items are about three times the resolution of usual G8 clothing. The reason is I needed them to be able to absorb and reproduce curves accurately (something most G8 content won’t do) so they have a lot of polygons. If you work on a limited system you may need to adjust for that. Turning off smoothing and subdivision can make them less-system-draining. They’re not huge, just higher resolution than standard clothing. For example the bra has detailed seems and straps. They look cool in renders without requiring a special texturebut that also means if you diddle with the bra in Zbrush or Blender or another program, you may find that the sections will split apart on you. Because of that I went ahead and made special morphs for the bra so you don’t have to.





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