Smile Delight for Genesis 9

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.22

Required Products: Genesis 9 Starter Essentials


Do you smile the same way to a stranger, to a child, to the love of your life, to the policeman asking for your ID, to the person you hate but have to work with everyday?

Do you smile the same way when you hear a nice joke, when you listen to the best music in the world, when you’re happy to see someone or when you’re with your friends taking the best picture ever?

No you don’t ! And that’s why people don’t have one single smile but dozens, very different and sometimes very subtle…

Following the bestsellers “Smile Delight for V3” and the later “Smile delight for V4 and M4”, “Smile Delight for Genesis 2 Male and Female”, and “Smile Delight for Genesis 3 Male and Female, “Once again, Cake One is proud to present you with the latest version of “The perfect smile for a perfect render” : Smile Delight for Genesis 9.

This set is not a conversion of previous sets. These are brand new custom morphs, crafted by hand, in HD (Model subdivided at 3 when creating the morphs. Still, they can be used in standard definition if needed.)

Smile Delight for Genesis 9 is a pack of 26 custom smiles (totally independent from Genesis 9 base or morph dials).

You will find the 26 smiles as DUF files in the content Library or directly in Genesis 9, in “Pose Control/Head/ Expressions/Smile Delight” or by selecting the head.

Each dials show a thumbnail of the smile applied (in DAZ Studio)

The result will always depend on the character you apply them too:
It can be a good idea to use them under 100% if you feel it becomes too cartoonish for your taste. You’ll still have excellent results at 70 or 80% for instance.

These smiles can be mixed with one another, or mixed with existing expressions or morphs.

These smiles are pose modifiers (not shape modifiers) so they are perfectly suitable for animation.
Some will work best on some characters while other will have better results on other ones.

What are you waiting for to put a perfect smile for a perfect render?

What’s Included and Features

  • Smile Delight for Genesis 9: (.DUF)
    • 26 Smile Presets
    • 1 Reset Preset





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