Shadow Textures for dForce Spiderweb Shawl

Asset Link:
Compatible Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Required Products: dForce Spiderweb Shawl G8G8.1F


Shadow Textures for dForce Spiderweb Shawl G8 G8.1F by Sveva

– This add on contains 4 MAIN designs, saved in white for “Any color” and multiple options in each design with additional transmaps, colors, metallics etc. ALSO included is an additional 4 “transmaps” you can locate inside the Textures folder that matches each of the main designs and you can swap this out to make the designs NOT see through (see main promo image)

– 16 Iray Materials for the Spiderweb Shawl
– 08 Any Color Iray Materials (these are the original designs, including non-see through, saved in white)
– 04 Additional Transmaps in the Texture folder that can be used to make each of the 4 MAIN designs non-transparent





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