Renaissance Hat and Simple Parting Hair for G8M, G8F and G9

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio


Renaissance Hat and Simple Parting Hair for G8M, G8F and G9 by romarovprivate

– Thoroughly modelled and textured
– Comes with 33 material presets for Renaissance Hat (six for the hat itself and one additional plain grey fabric preset and textures as a merchant resource for your possible retexturing project; 10 for pin gems and metal; 16 for the feathers)
– Also includes six material presets for Simple Parting Hair
– Renaissance Hat is providing as a prop (child to the head) via wearable presets for G8 & G9. You can rotate, scale and move it and use the broad set of fitting morphs for its best appearance on your character. It also has ‘Beret’ morph which change its fashion.
– Simple Parting Hair comes with four basic fitting morphs and one flatting morph for wearing it with hat (preventing poke through)
– It also has a pair of wearable presets both in Clothing and Hair content folders for ease of reference
– This set pairs perfectly with the Renaissance Costume, Renaissance Boots and Renaissance Gloves that you can find in my product line.
– Each item has its mirror model and wearable preset
– Each item can be used separately with any third party model





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