PT True Sky HDRI Lighting

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.22


With True Sky HDRI Lighting, you get exquisite, eye-catching results quickly by rapidly customizing a unique lighting setup for your scenes.

True Sky HDRI Lighting gives you 26 one-click 4K HDRI environments optimized for figure renders and outdoor scenes, as well as a customizable point light rig that gives excellent results with studio scenes and portraits using Iray. This product also includes individual point lights, color presets for the point lights, tone map options, and render quality presets.

There are also plenty of options to customize your scene, including dome rotation presets, dome intensity, environment tint options, and bloom options. Also included are 5 scene presets that contain the lighting setups used for the True Sky HDRI promo images.

True Sky HDRI Lighting gives you endless combinations for your unique creations!





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