Peninnah for Genesis 8 Female

Asset Link:
Compatible Software: Daz Studio


Introducing today, Peninnah, my newest edition.
She is simply a beautiful young woman who was born to enjoy colors,
be a hero and everything else in her power.
Designed in ZBrush and optimized for Daz Studio.
Peninnah comes loaded with material options for every taste.
Peninnah comes with dozens of supplies, such as floral tattoos, lipsticks, nails,
and eye color variations.
I decided not to include facial makeup, as I believe it will be more fun to use
excellent resources that I have seen from other artists that will surely make you even
more beautiful, along with your creative power of course
Another issue concerns the anatomical materials that are also not included with it.
Advanced features can be purchased from the community
if necessary for her.
Hair, clothes, expressions, do not follow the character.
Have fun together with her right now.





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