OmniHair LI Anti-Hero Hair for Genesis 9

Asset Link:
Compatible Software: Daz Studio

Required Products: Genesis 9 Starter Essentials


Introducing LI Anti-Hero Hair – because even digital characters deserve a rebellious streak!

Designed by Laticis Imagery, this hair package is your ticket to giving your Genesis 9 characters that roguish look.

Mixing old techniques with the new strand-based hair technology and the latest Omni-surface Hair Shader in an effort to take fibermesh hair in DAZ to a new level.

Whether they’re saving the world or just causing mischief around town, LI Anti-Hero Hair ensures they’ll do it in style. With LI Anti-Hero Hair, you’ll get more than just hair – a bonus beard has been thrown in for that extra touch of rugged charm.

This package comes fully loaded with customizable options, including adjustment morphs, hierarchical material presets, and opacity maps, the tools you need to perfect that short tousled hair look. So why wait?

Everything is parented to Genesis 9, but the cap comes loaded with a bunch of adjustable morphs too.

Re-parent the LI Anti-Hero Hair to the LI Anti-Hero Cap to take the hairs adjustments even further.

Note: the hierarchal materials won’t work on the hair once it is parented to the cap, so set everything up first or just reparent the hair back to Genesis 9.

Give your characters the hair they deserve – the kind that says, “I’m no hero…”





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