Now-Crowd Billboards - Steampunk Empire

Asset Link:–steampunk-empire
Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.22


Journey across the world and across time to a forgotten age, or perhaps an age that never was, to an age of refinement, of Victorian sophistication, of the Steampunk Empire! Paint your Victorian or Steampunk scenes FULL of gentlemen, ladies, and the working class in high-quality, flexible, and easy-to-use billboards. Now-Crowd Billboards – Steampunk Empire is perfect as a backdrop for the main action that you add!

Billboards are a fantastically quick and resource-easy way to add background crowds to your scenes. These pre-rendered elements are great to play the background characters in your scene. Now-Crowd Billboards improve on standard billboards by providing 72 different views for every billboard figure. Change a billboard figure to 12 different horizontal angles and 6 different vertical angles when your camera moves, the Now-Crowd Billboards can be changed to match!

There are also great scripts to make these billboards easy to use! There is one script to turn the billboards to face the camera and another script to change the billboard figure angle based on horizontal and vertical orientation. Finally, there is a script that pushes your billboard directly away from your camera view or pulls it towards you.

For Iray and 3Delight.

No figures are included with this product.

No other products are needed to use Now-Crowd Billboards products.

Note that Now-Crowd Billboard products are large (10GB) because of the many textures (72 images per figure x number of figures) and can take a while to download.





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