Neanderthal 9 Pro Bundle

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio


Expand on pre-history from the Neanderthal 9 Starter Bundle and move into the world of fantasy with the dwarven-inspired Neanderthal 9 Pro Bundle.

  • Neanderthal 9 and his HD details
  • 3 alternative shapes for Neanderthal, skinnier, female, and dwarf.
  • Expressions crafted specially for Neanderthal 9
  • Stone Age Strands – Hair and Beard utilizing the Omnihair shader to bring out that extra bit of realism.
  • 2 completely different outfits, a stylish modern suit and an outfit made of leather and furs. With the fur making use of the Omnihair adding a touch of authenticity to your renders.
  • Dwarven styled hair and beard, also utilizing the Omnihair shader.
  • A set of dwarven armor complete with a hammer-style weapon.
  • A set of dwarven-inspired axe weapons with custom shaping to get your own unique look.

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