Morena Hair for Genesis 3 and 8

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio


Morena Hair is a classic short to medium length side-parted hair which has both realism and versatility by the bucketload! It features models for both Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 and for both Males and Females (the male version is called Morenus Hair) and also comes with mirrored versions to have the parting on either side. There are length morphs to radically change the length of the hair, styling morphs for the fringe, over the ears and the neck area, and frizz, kink and wave morphs which can be used subtly to add a little randomness for extra realism or full on for a more curly or wild look.

The hair has a unique construction with many overlapping layers to create hair with real volume, depth and softness. Four colors based on sampled photographic hair are included, with many more available through the add-on colors pack. Morena Hair will suit any modern male or female character as well as Sci-Fi and Fantasy characters.

The hair auto-fits to a wide range of head shapes including all the best loved Daz Originals and PA characters, ensuring it will look good with your own favourites. And with such a wide range of styles and looks available, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your images.

Auto-Fits well to any normal realistic head shape.





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