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Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.22

Required Products: Genesis 9 Starter Essentials


Introducing the Minimalistic Ink LIE tattoos for Genesis 9, a collection that effortlessly blends femininity, delicacy, and a touch of allure into your virtual character designs. These tattoos feature an exquisite fusion of symbols, including butterflies, suns, stars, hands, snakes, scorpions, cats, and dogs, creating a captivating visual narrative for your Genesis 9 models.

Key Features:

Feminine Elegance: Embrace the essence of femininity with delicate designs that evoke grace and sophistication. The subtle lines and intricate details contribute to an overall sense of refined beauty.

Sensual Allure: Infuse a hint of sexiness into your characters with strategically placed tattoos that accentuate curves and contours. The combination of symbols like butterflies and stars adds a whimsical charm to the overall allure.

Nature-Inspired Imagery: Transport your characters into a realm of natural beauty with motifs such as butterflies, suns, and stars. These elements bring a touch of the outdoors, creating a harmonious connection between your virtual world and nature.

Symbolic Creatures: Explore the mystique of symbolic creatures like snakes, scorpions, cats, and dogs. Each tattoo tells a unique story, allowing you to convey specific traits and characteristics for your virtual personas.

Customize and experiment with the Minimalistic Ink LIE tattoos, adjusting opacity and colors to achieve the perfect blend of sensuality and sophistication. Elevate your character designs by adorning them with these captivating tattoos, turning your Genesis 9 models into timeless works of virtual art.





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