Lzy Libby for Genesis 8.1 Female

Artist: https://www.renderhub.com/lzy/lzy-libby
Asset Link: https://www.renderhub.com/lzy/lzy-libby
Compatible Software: Daz Studio


LZY Libby for Genesis 8.1 female is a mid 20s female with a slightly shy vibe. The head and body morphs were sculpted in Zbrush, intended to be somewhat stylized.

Libby comes with separate head, body and breast morphs for maximum flexibility and the package includes fiber mesh eyebrows and a full body material including anatomical elements.

The package includes:

Makeup options including:
4 Levels of Blush
7 Lipstick colors
7 Nail colors
Independently controlled eyeliner

4 eye colors; Blue, Brown, Green and Hazel
Fiber mesh eyebrows with 2 shape morphs

42 4k texture maps for Diffuse, Glossiness, Normal and Specular.

A scene subset is provided which loads Libby with fiber mesh brows, anatomical elements, material and all morph dials set to 100%

Morph dials can be found in:
Actor>People>Real World>LZY Libby
Actor>Full Body>People>Real World> LZY Libby Body
Actor>Head>People>LZY Libby Head
Chest>LZY Libby Breasts

Add this beautiful Genesis 8.1 character to your library.





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