Lonely Teardrops G8F-V8

Artist: https://www.renderosity.com/marketplace/products/150472/lonely-teardrops-g8f-v8
Asset Link: https://www.renderosity.com/marketplace/products/150472/lonely-teardrops-g8f-v8
Compatible Software: Daz Studio


They come with that feeling of loneliness in a crowded room.
They are always with us when we least expect them.

Lonely Teardrops is a set of 20 tears (10 Left and 10 Right) and 5 MAT files, plus 10 facial expressions and the zeroed face.

The expressions are totally custom crafted. You can easily apply them on any basic G8F/V8 or morphed characters. Please keep in mind that every character has their own characteristics and you can simply use the slider of each expression and even mix them, to achieve a better result or a totally new expression. The possibilities are endless!

All the tears included in this package will also work perfectly on any G8M, either basic or morphed (as you can see in the promos). The facial expressions will NOT work on any G8M as those are created only for G8F.

Totally adapted to follow the shapes of G8F or V8, it will also conform to any type of faces you wish to use it on. You can use them all together or as separated pieces as you please.

Several color options are also included and even the amazing illuminating color (using emitters):





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