LI El Natural Pubic Hair for the Genesis 9 Female Anatomy

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.22


Introducing LI El Natural Pubic Hair for the Genesis 9 Female Anatomy, a meticulously crafted pubic hair kit designed specifically for the Genesis 9 Female form.

This product leverages the latest strand-based hair technology and the new Omni-surface shader in DAZ Studio to offer a natural and realistic appearance.
Bid farewell to distortion when applying heavily mixed morphs – each strand maintains its integrity.

With specific surface regions built into the design stage and a large array of included morphs, customization options are abound.
Furthermore, to fine-tune the final look, a creative solution allows for blending and fading the edges, or even hide strands for a thinner look.
Presets are there to help you get started.

Enhance the realism of your renders with LI El Natural Pubic Hair for Genesis 9, and bring a new level of authenticity to your digital creations.





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