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Pony-girl and human cattle fans will love this set of riding, branding and training equipment for your pony-girl or human cattle girl. A decadent revival of the past for G8 and Iray.

This Package includes 28 Posable Figures, 41 Total Poses for Genesis 8 Female and Male with matching Pose/Loads, 10 Corral pre-load assemblies, 9 Smart Prop/Hand Pose Accessories and Arm, Leg and Neck Cuffs.

– Pose Center Null:  This is a small, non-rendering red cylinder. A posing innovation which allows multiple characters to be posed at once as well figures to be applied to multiple characters.
– Branding Brazier: This is a hot coal brazier with adjustable height coals. It has a pre-parented branding iron stuck in the coals.
– Branding Pad:  This is a fully posable restraint pad to hold your character.  It has posable chains for the wrists and ankles and all other parts are adjustable.  Pose files for G8F and matching load/poses for the pad are included.
– Buggy:  This is a semi-posable buggy that you can pose your character in and ponygirls are attached to to and is used in conjunction with the Buggy-Chariot Harness figure. It has spinning wheels and adjustable foot rest for the rider.  Pose files for a seated G8F and G8F rider are included. (2) pose files (standing and running) for G8F plus matching load/poses for the harness and buggy are provided.
– Buggy – Chariot Harness: This is a posable harness with right and left hand chains to attach to the buggy or chariot.
– Chain Long (standard and easypose version): This is a long chain with multiple segments you can use to attach to the harness and other equipment. The easypose version has easypose control bending nodes every 10 segments of chain.
– Chariot: This is a chariot style riding equipment.  It has an adjustable hand grip inside and spinning wheels.  Pose files for G8F and G8M standing riders are provided as well as pose files for G8F standing and running and matching load/poses for the harness and chariot.
– Corral Corner Dual and Single: These are curved railing/fencing figures to use with Corral Fence Dual and Single versions.  You can use these corners to make a 90 degree turn in the fencing.  Parent them to the Fence segment you use them with.
– Corral Fence Dual and Single: These are corral fencing figures that can be parented together to form a long fence or chute.  Each fence figure has some length and/or width morphs.
– Corral Gate: This is a gate that can be attached to the dual fence figure, Corral and Corral Wings figure.  Parent the node to the figure you want it attached to, then swing the gate portion open or closed.
– Corral Half Track:  This is an arced set of corral fencing to help for a track for racing, you can place the arc at the ends of some pre-parented fencing.
– Corral Wings: These are a right and left side short fence segment that can swing in either direction to form a restricting chute.
– Corral:  This is a circular corral arena with posable gate. You can herd your cattle into the arena to show them of or make them exercise.
– Horse Whip:  This is a whip with easypose whip string at the top. Pose files to position the whip and G8M/G8F are provided to position the whip and load onto your character’s hand.
– Hot Walker:  This is a classic 4 posted walker you attach your cattle/ponygirls to. There is a pre-parented version that has 4 long chains
attached to it plus a motor to make the walker turn automatically so your ponygirls have to keep up. Pose files for 4 positions and the load/pose for the chains and neck cuff are included.
– Hot Walker Motor: This is an add-on motor for the hot walker. It could be attached to anything like a post to turn the post.
– Plow: This is a classic cattle pulled plow with adjustable yoke chain, yoke and handle bars. Pose files for standing G8M and G8F handler and the load/pose for the plow and yokes plus several pose file options for G8F.
– Saddle:  This is a cool modern saddle that you can apply to your G8F character to turn her into a pony girl.  It has adjustable seat, right and left hand restraint chains and easypose stirrups. There are pose files for G8M and G8F rider plus pose files for G8F ponygirl and matching load/pose files for the saddle.
– Yoke 1:  This is a restraint device to hold your characters arms in place.  It attaches around the neck.  Parent the yoke to G8F’s chest after posing. Pose files for G8F and matching load/poses for the yoke are supplied.
– Yoke 2: This is a modern tubular metal yoke that fits over your characters neck and holds her ams in back.  The back bar, cuffs and chain connector link are adjustable.  Pose file for G8F and matching load/pose for the yoke are included.
– Yoke 3 and Yoke 3 combo:  This is a connector yoke with adjustable chain bar and chain.  It’s purpose is to hold 2 of the yoke 2 figures together to make it a double yoke.  There is a pre-assembled yoke 2/3 assembly included and matching load/pose for the yoke are included as well.
– Yoke 4: This is a traditional wood yoke with 2 person design.  It has posable neck restraint chains and a long chain in the back.  The 2 chain connector loops at the top and bottom of the yoke can be re-positioned.  Pose files for 2 G8F and matching load/poses for the yoke are supplied.
– Yoke 5: This is a traditional wood style yoke for a single person.  It has posable lead chain and 2 hand/wrist chains.  Pose files for G8F and matching load/poses for the yoke are supplied.
– Corral Assemblies: These are pre-assembled corral fencing elements to help you get started with your fencing.  In the center of the assemblies or close by there is a non-rending wireframe diamond shaped null object.  This is the object you can move around all the pre-parented assemblies at once.
Smart Props:
This package has a smart prop branding iron and shock prod for G8M and G8F.  Hand pose files are included in the presets for the branding iron, shock prod and horse whip left and right. There is a smart prop arm cuff for G8F for use with the buggy/chariot or the yokes.
Smart Prop Basic Iron Cuffs: There are smart prop arm, leg, These will automatically load and parent to your character.
Pose files are included for both G8M and G8F when they are the ‘riders’ or ‘handlers’.  Poses for G8F only are provided for all the other equipment
in the package.





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