Kara 9 HD Pro Bundle

Artist: https://www.daz3d.com/kara-9-hd-pro-bundle
Asset Link: https://www.daz3d.com/kara-9-hd-pro-bundle
Compatible Software: Daz Studio

Required Products: Genesis 9 Starter Essentials


Kara 9 HD Pro Bundle takes everything you get from the starter that brings Kara into any sci-fi adventure and enhances that to new levels allowing you to rebel against any empire.

  • Kara 9 – with broader shoulders, sharper facial features, an athletic core body, and her HD Add-On is also included in the bundle.
  • All of Kara’s Alternative shapes, thin, heavy, and buff.
  • An expression set made just for Kara
  • Makeup that can get her ready for a night out or a battle.
  • A 2-in-1 type of Hair that can go from normal short hair to a completely different look using a wet texture.
  • A cute versatile ponytail that utilizes the newly released OMNI Shader that gives hair an even more realistic look!
  • 3 Different outfits, 1 more of a futuristic military look, 1 to get you ready for space fully suited up, or unzip it, and with dForce you can lounge around waiting for the call, and 1 more pilot-type suit that will get you ready to rebel.
  • A fully rigged pilotable Mech with a full interior for you to take on any land battles too!

Please see each product’s page for details.





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