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Compatible Software: Daz Studio


Hands are tied and the girl is all hers.

Made for utilisation of popular Fun Stockings as a means of play and inspiration.

Fun With Stockings is a set of very attractive and sensual poses for Genesis 8.1 Female with intention for creating girl on girl sensual and erotic scenarios.

Facial expressions can be changed because there is no much interaction of other body parts with the face of any figure.

There were no posing for genitals used in this set of poses nor are those required.

It is aimed for creating critical content with a lot of freedom to interpret.

“Fun With Stocking” is a set of:
*20 poses for Genesis 8.1 Female
*2 shapes for Genesis 8.1 Female
(load shapes for every A or B figure before loading pose)
*10 poses for Fun Stockings – Knot
*10 poses for Fun Stockings – Posable Stocking





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