FPE HD Body Scars for Genesis 9

Artist: https://www.daz3d.com/fpe-hd-body-scars-for-genesis-9
Asset Link: https://www.daz3d.com/fpe-hd-body-scars-for-genesis-9
Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.22

Required Products: Genesis 9 Starter Essentials


“FPE HD Body Scars” for Genesis 9 is a pack of 11 different scars (plus a mirror version for ten of them) to show your characters may have at some point traveled through a path of thorns, wherein life was etched upon their flesh.

The scars can be applied through two styles of HD Morphs. Carved morphs show scars that have healed inwards, creating a caved-in feel to the skin. Keloid morphs show scars that have healed outwards, producing a bumpy feel across the skin. Since these 42 morphs are HD, the character must be set to a SubDivision of 3 or 4 for them to show. Scripts to change the SubD Render Level are included!

As with the rest of our recent products, a general scar texture is pre-applied on the FPE Scar Geoshell. Not only do we ensure the final look of the application is maintained regardless of whether your character uses Iray Uber or PBRShader skin, but we also create a non-destructive way of applying the scars. The versatility of the Geoshell allows you to quickly and efficiently build, change, tweak, and/or delete the scars without affecting or altering your character’s underlying skin.

And since this is tied to our FPE HD Face Scars and FPE HD Face Scars Severe for Genesis 9 packs, we have set the Geoshell included here to work seamlessly with our previous pack. This means you can apply the Scar Geoshell in this pack and apply the LIE Masks from the Face Scar Packs to it rather than juggle two or more geoshells. The Material and Utility Presets will also change all the scars.

The Geoshell comes with 18 Material Presets to help you match your character’s skin color as much as possible. Keloid MATs are lighter in color than Carved MATs. Of course, you can apply different colors to different skins, regardless of which Scar Morph you use, for even more variation!

We also included 16 Partial Material and Property Presets (Utility Presets) to help you refine the look. Instructions on how to use everything are available via scripts: detailing the application process, troubleshooting, and some tips on how to use these extra presets.

The scars will show once you’ve applied one of the Layered Image Editor (LIE) Presets onto the Geoshell. Each LIE applies a single mask on the cutout opacity channel, which makes for a fast application. There are 11 different masks with 10 mirror applications, bringing the total to 21 Scars to match the HD Morphs. A preset to clear the LIE is supplied.

Combine Scars and Stack Geoshells to give your Genesis 9 Characters a unique look. We also hope this pack will be a powerful storytelling tool for you. Perhaps your character had a close call on the battlefield? Or maybe she or he managed to come out of an eerie accident? Perhaps they were held hostage by the enemy or came out of a friendly fight with a memento they will be forced to their very grave. We hope this pack will help you tell your story whatever scenario you envision!





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