Eye Catching : Tutorial on Character Eye Expression

Artist: https://www.daz3d.com/eye-catching–tutorial-on-character-eye-expression
Asset Link: https://www.daz3d.com/eye-catching–tutorial-on-character-eye-expression
Compatible Software: Daz Studio


For those people we love, we relate to them by making deep and meaningful eye contact. When we look at someone we care about, we focus on their eyes and the rest of the world becomes a blur.

It is the same when crafting our 3D characters in scenes. Feeling connected to those characters provides powerful and memorable artwork and that connection is largely determined by the character’s eyes how they are lit and how the eyes are expressed.

Too many renders portray flat and dead looking eyes and will make the whole character (and scene) soulless!

Have you struggled with:

Lighting your character’s eyes?

Too much or too little reflection in the eyes?

Having a character’s eyes fix exactly on your camera?

Getting the eyelids, eyebrows, and eyelashes correct as part of the expression?

Finding a good shader for the eyes?

Working with the camera and depth of field for the eyes?

Understanding catchlights?

Setting the eyes to match the mood or emotion of a character?

In this community workshop video, 7 DAZ Studio artists shared their best renders, tips, and resources for bringing their 3D characters into vibrant life by making their eyes stand out. In the video, we discussed the above topics either in terms of inside DAZ Studio or by using postwork to liven up the final render.

What’s Included and Features

  • Tutorial video running time 1 hour and 30 minutes: (MP4)
  • 7 artists share their renders, tips and recommended resources for improving a character’s eyes for DAZ Studio artwork.
  • Tasos Professional graphic novel artist:
    • Manga Genesis Female 8
    • Expression: Ready to fight but with self-doubt – using liquify in postwork.
    • Aqua-man: silent and skeptical, holding breath. One line on the eye.
    • Cyclops character : expression = trapped
    • Valkerie: framing using the lower eyelid. Sensual look.
    • Joan of Arc : Innocence and enlightenment
    • Moranna : Sensual but dangerous.
    • Mulan: Expressing Asian eyes
    • A bold step: a character where the face or eyes are not shown.
    • A character with a visor or helmet
    • The baroness: sly, arrogant – more narrowed eyes
    • Pinhead: darkened eyelashes. Eyebrows removed.
  • Trevor Hancock DAZ Studio enthusiast:
    • Recommendation and look at of Studio HDR – recommended for portrait renders
    • Trevor’s portrait character renders
  • Linwelly graphic novel artist:





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