DMC T-Shirt for GF8 and GF8.1

Asset Link:
Compatible Software: Daz Studio


DMC – Dforce & Morphs Clothes – is a new product line of mine that is all about simulating slipped clothes yourself.
Therefore, these projects contain only one garment.
One dForce T-Shirt + 9 Simulation Behavior Presets + 29 Morphs = countless positions and appearances.
Use DMC T-Shirt in three ways:
Easy and Simple: Use the garment like clothes without dForce. It will follow all the poses that your model might take.
Easy and Exciting: DMC clothing extends the normal possibilities of a dForce simulation. You can – quite regularly – create a better drape… or use the Simulation Behavior presets to give the clothes a new appearance, from tight-fitting to loose-fitting.
Tricky and Amazing: By combining morphs, Simulation Behavior presets, poses and a simulation, you can not only create slipped clothing, but also place hands or other body parts under the fabric.
DMC T-Shirt contains:
• one dForce T-Shirt with 29 morphs
• 9 Simulation Behavior presets
• 8 Surface Materials aka “Colors” (Iray only!)
• 3 QS3 (Quick Start Simulation Setup) to learn how to use the Clothes
• some Simulation helper (scripts and one object)
• a PDF manual
• 1 simple Slip (String) as free addition





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