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Layla proudly presents – The Director’s Cut Sex Pose Library – The Ultimate Sex Pose Library for Daz3D!

Volume 57: Rough Poses

This pose set contains 50 poses for the Genesis 8 Female and Male figures.

Director’s Cut Poses are created to provide you with instant posing solutions. Organized by category, these poses are of highest quality, utilizing the full potential of the Genesis 8 figure, giving you instant life-like results!

The variety of poses in each category means that you will never run out of possibilities and no two scenarois will be alike. No tedious, time-consuming posing is required, simply unleash your creativity with these poses!

The fifty-seventh volume is dedicated to rough poses – all kinds of poses that display grabbing, groping, pulling, etc. – perfect for BDSM centric scenarios, or simply to add depth and realism to your stories.

All poses are meticulously crafted, giving you unlimited reusability potential and beautiful renders from any angle.

This extensive pose library is a true turn-key solution for creating whatever scenario you wish – without a needless waste of time!





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