dForce Natty Undercut Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Artist: https://www.daz3d.com/dforce-natty-undercut-hair-for-genesis-8-females
Asset Link: https://www.daz3d.com/dforce-natty-undercut-hair-for-genesis-8-females
Compatible Software: Daz Studio


dForce Natty Undercut Hair is a mid-length naturally dreaded hairstyle fit for characters on the go and variety of contemporary as well as fantasy-style renderings. Natty Hair is fully dForce compatible utilizing strand-based and dForce technology and Dual Lobe Blended shader formula to provide for successful presentation under various conditions, poses and lights.

Natty Hair consists of three separate parts that load directly to Genesis 8 Female: invisible Cap with 10 adjustment morphs to easily control the fitting of the entire hair; Hair Top with 10 movement morphs to be used with or freely without using dForce and 6 generated styles for different length and looks; and Hair Bottom, the shaved part of the hair with 5 different looks to complete the overall style of Natty Hair. Having Cap fitted directly to the figure and hair following it enables Natty Hair to be easily refitted across genders and generations.

This package also includes simulation ready dForce presets with two global simulation settings and 4 different stiffness presets available within a click. To further expand on Natty Hair variety Iray materials provide 21 shades of natural to fantasy spectrum of colors, each one ready to go with 3 different styles of roots (natty roots, darker color roots and same color roots) totaling at 61 presets. Furthermore additional materials are provided to change only the color of the roots with 40 more options and 3 different blending styles as well as 8 global glossiness adjustments, 5 separate highlight colors and 5 different highlight weight presets.





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