dForce Fancy Punk Genesis 8 Females

Artist: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/dforce-fancy-punk-genesis-8-females/136879
Asset Link: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/dforce-fancy-punk-genesis-8-females/136879
Compatible Software: Daz Studio


This is a steampunk outfit basically. It also can be used for country/cow-girl style, or even as a classic pirate fashion.
(It is dForce ONLY): Just few pieces that are classic conforming figures (Shoes, Goggles), the rest is either fully dynamic or semi-dynamic (partially dForce)
It comes with 2 color materials, 6 Poses (5 single frame & an animation) & simulation preset, & it supports several DAZ full figure-shapes.

Included in this package:

* Corset (metalic clips are `rigid follow nodes` so they won’t deform/squish with torso movement)
* Skirt (under `presets` there is a preset to make the whole skirt 100% dynamic, by default the hip band-line is not dynamic)
* Long Gloves left & right (it comes with some Rings for both hands)
* Shoes (with 2 shapes dials)
* Scarf
* Hat (with 2 shapes dials `Large Brim & Topper`)
* Goggle smart prop for the face
* Goggle conforming figure on the right arm
* Small Bag (100% dynamic)
* Trolley Luggage (with posable parts, can be opened/closed, trolley arm can be expanded, rotate-able wheels)
* 2 colors for (corset, gloves, hat, scarf, shoes, skirt)
* 1 preset for G8F as a 2nd skin stocking (overlay, will appear only in renders)
* 6 presets to Add/REM flesh pressure effect to G8F (pressure is added automatically by default)

* 1 dForce simulation preset (PLEASE Use this one before simulating, it is tuned for good results)
* 5 single-frame poses (parent the Trolley Luggage to G8F before applying those poses)
* 1 single-frame poses (pose 05) that doesn’t require dForce simulation
* 1 Animation for both G8F & Luggage
* 1 feet pose for the shoes shapes
* 1 ZERO Pose for the Luggage
* Metadata for Smart Content Included






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