CW_Olivia for Genesis 8 Female

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio


CW_Olivia for Genesis 8 Female

Olivia life is beautiful. She is unbelievably pretty, sensual and clever too.
She loves to explore the city with her friends, go shopping and dancing.
A deep connection to nature slumbers inside her, which she cannot live out in the big city.
Her sheltered life ends when she is followed one night after a party.
A hairy creepy creature chases them through the park.
When she thinks she can no longer walk, breathe and flee, an woman appears out of nowhere and pushes her through a glowing anomaly.
When she wakes up, she finds herself in a world she only knows from fantasy films in the cinema.
Featuring creatures that have pointy ears, they claim to be elves and a part of her family.
Experience adventures with Olivia that are second to none.
Whether in the real world or in epic high fantasy scenes, the choice is yours.
A huge range of materials will help you transform Olivia over and over again.
Freckles, bikini line and 5 different skins, countless makeup variations like redness and blush,
beautiful eye colors, real or fantasy and nail polish invite you to make a different type of her again and again.
Fiber eyebrows and pubic hair in many colors, eyelashes, metallic flakes for makeup and skin look wonderful on closeups.
Olivia is a must for your content





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