CW_Mizzar for Genesis 8 Female

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4


CW_Mizzar for Genesis 8 Female

Mizzar focuses her mental powers.
One last time, her healing energies took effect and
the injured rebel’s wound slowly closed until only a thin white line remained.
Exhausted, she collapsed.
But it was no time to be weak.
Mizzar took a deep breath, stood up and grabbed her backpack.
She was no longer needed here, but others in the galaxy desperately needed her help.
Her fingers tightened around the Lightsaber that dangled from her belt.
Experience adventures in the vastness of the galaxy together with Mizzar.
Mizzar is a handsome and tough character at the same time. She is at home in the sci-fi ,
cyberpunk and fantasy genres and her laser sword and LIE face tattoos are a perfect match.
Numerous makeup, eyebrow and eyelash colors change Mizzar again and again according to your wishes.
Her lightsaber glows in four different colors. Mizzar, the guardian of the galaxy, is waiting to make your stories come true.





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