Cheyenne 9 Kinship Alternate Face Morphs

Asset Link:
Compatible Software: Daz Studio

Required Products: Cheyenne 9


There are many important things in life, family is one of them. They rejoice together in good times and help each other in bad times. Help Cheyenne join her family with Cheyenne Kinship. Let me introduce Cheyenne’s relatives, Who Walks Over Much (Samoset), Wind Woman (Tadewi), Red Feather (Insula), Sight of the Sun (Donoma), and Leaping Water (Talulla).
Cheyenne Kinship 9 Alternate Face Morphs has 5 different head shapes for Cheyenne 9. Each head shape has an HD version (mostly lip details, slight details around the eyes and very slight details on the face). The set does not contain any textures, only the head shapes, the HD details, and shaping presets to apply them. The shaping presets set only Cheyenne and these Kinship shapes. Because of Cheyenne’s unique lip texture, there is a lip shape adjustment for using the head shapes with Cheyenne skin. For other skins, don’t need to use it (or you can remove it with the included preset if you previously added it). The head shape presets do not adjust this.





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