Chameleons Sweet Home Bundle

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Chameleons Sweet Home Bundle is a package of all the beautiful sets in the modern home that you could desire. It includes our Modern Kitchen, Splish Splash Bath, Master Bedroom and for fun the Indoor Pool House.
The Sweet Home Bundle includes:
Chameleons Modern Kitchen is a hyper realistic kitchen for your characters to cook, talk and have a glass of wine. The kitchen is the new family room, let your favorite characters enjoy the fun of cooking together, regardless of what they cook up!
Chameleons Splish Splash Bath is a hyper realistic bathroom for your characters to relax, enjoy a soothing bath and release the pressures of the day or an invigorating shower under the rain head. It’s many furnishings and props will let your favorite characters enjoy the relaxation of a hot bubble bath at the end of the day that can lead to romantic and erotic situations. Or a quick shower to get ready for work or a quick clean up after a day of fun and sport.
Chameleons Master’s Bedroom is a hyper realistic bedroom for your characters to relax, sleep and play or just relax and have a glass of wine and read a good book. It’s many furnishings and props will let your favorite characters enjoy the luxurious textures and feel of the room. As you will notice, the Master is a fan of Marilyn Monroe and features some of her more famous photographs.
Chameleons Indoor Pool House provides a Deck Area, Seating Area with chairs and tables, Patio accessed thru the sliding patio doors, Pool Floats and RUBBER DUCKS!!  All provide excellent vignettes for meeting and enjoying other water sports enthusiasts.

Here are four fun rooms for your dream house at a substantial savings to buying them individually. Take your characters from one scene to the next to tell your story. Of course, all have the quality and elegant touch of Chameleon!





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