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When your favorite character is digitally injured or ill, where are you going to take them for the finest, most comfortable place to rest and heal?? You do only want the best don’t you? Then there is only one place for the finest care anywhere, Chameleons Private Hospital Room! Let your characters get nasty on the bed, sofa, wheelchair or any other surface that suits their needs!
Our On-Call nurses and docs will provide ANY therapy our patients require. A satisfied patient is a happy patient! Thanks to Thunder3D for providing a unique Physical Therapy pose set for our luxury setting!!
Our luxury suite has all the aminities to encourage rapid healing, a hard cock or wet pussy! A custom, rigged hospital bed, plenty of pillows to achieve any position and a big screen TV that has access to the All Nurses, All the Time closed circuit channel to while the long hours away. All the latest medical equipment to assist the doctors and nurses to insure a safe and nurturing environment for your recupuration.
A fine sitting or fucking area for those times when you just have to get out of bed and stretch your imagination. There is also plenty of space to move about. To assist movement a modern wheelchair is available for those who need assistance.
There are four controlable light sources in the scene, Environment, Ceiling Lights, Bed Lights and Sofa Light. Each of these groups are easily adjusted by use of the Lighting Presets that are included. Check the Lighting Hover Tip for instructions.
A high tech Patient Moniter and Room controler is available for all patients in the Private Hospital Room. It combines entertainment with hospital efficiency and even has a night light for your convienience.
You get the decorator quality of a five star hotel with latest in high tech medical gear for rapid healing and patient comfort. All realistic props and figures that combine to give you the ultimate in your Hospital experience!
Bring your characters to Chameleons Private Hospital Room for the BEST experience in patient CARE!!
The Private Hospital Room is the core package for several NASTY Addons that will follow soon!





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