Bombshell Legs II

Asset Link:
Compatible Software: Daz Studio


Legs are so important for a lady. What started with first addition to Hyp-St body morphs, Bombastic breasts, continues now with Bombshell legs II following the line of enhancement on the first installment Bombshell legs. You now get much more options for the legs, including knees, ankles, thighs, toes, etc… These new morphs can be combined or used as they come to get variations and new styles. When used with other character’s in your library it can add the level of definition. Isn’t dependent on BSL I.

What’s included?

31 morphs

Aim of this was to focus on fine details for your G9 feminine characters, but they can be used for Masculine version too. Mix and match.

You can reach them through: data/Daz3d/Genesis9/Base/Morphs/Bombshell legs 2.0

Can you use these as merchant resources? Yes.

Tested in Daz studio 4.21 and Iray





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