Bodypaint for Genesis 8 Female

Asset Link:
Compatible Software: Daz Studio


Bodypainting overlay for Genesis 8 Female.

A set of several transparency and color maps “4096×4096” with many presets to guide you through the body painting process.

There is an incredible amount of combination you can find by mixing the basic timelapse presets in the package with the single option for arms, head, legs and body.

Also the colors sets have some painting steps from the simple color base till the complete paint
With at least 3 face options 2 legs options and 2 body options.

You will find the Geometry shell preset, with some offset option,

A Surface Folder, where you can find the basic surface options, Resets, Bumps and normals.

A Colors folder where you find the Diffuse sets

And finally the magic of the Transparency folder where you start to “paint” you character.

All the Surface, Transparency and Colors Options are separate for an easy customization, so you can change any single map or set of map in any moment without loosing the changes you made.





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