Big Girl Morphs for Genesis 8 Female

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio

Required Products: Genesis 8 Female Body MorphsGenesis 8 Female Head Morphs


Big Girl Morphs for Genesis 8 Female is a collection of morphs with the goal of correcting and beautifying the heavy/body size morphs for Genesis 8 Female. Now the hips, thighs, arms, legs, belly and breasts can be scaled and smoothed to produce your perfect plus sized figure. Corrective JCMs are also supplied to aid the thighs and arms and avoid clipping. Preset shapes are provided for speed an utility.

What’s Included and Features

  • Shapes Presets:
    • KASY 01 Remove All Big Girl Morphs
    • KASY 02 Apply Big Girl Ava
    • KASY 02 Apply Big Girl Base
    • KASY 02 Apply Big Girl Evelyn
    • KASY 02 Apply Big Girl Laura
    • KASY 02 Apply Big Girl Pear Shape
    • KASY 02 Apply Big Girl Penny
    • KASY 02 Apply Big Girl Sarah
    • KASY 03 Apply Big Girl Cellulite And Stretch Marks
  • Morphs Dials:
    • BGM Ava
    • BGM Belly Smooth
    • BGM Breasts Hang Forward
    • BGM Evelyn
    • BGM Glute Smooth
    • BGM Hip Smooth
    • BGM Inflate Hips
    • BGM Inflate Lower Outer Thigh
    • BGM Lower Hips
    • BGM Neutralize Face
    • BGM Neutralize Feet
    • BGM Penny
    • BGM Push Up Bra
    • BGM Arms Fuller
    • BGM Heavy Clothing Smoother
    • BGM Heavy Clothing Smoother Skirts
    • BGM Chin 01
    • BGM Chin 02
    • BGM Laura Head
    • BGM Sarah Head
    • BGM Cellulite Buttocks HD
    • BGM Inflate Bum
    • BGM Legs Fuller
    • BGM Stretch Marks Hips HD
    • BGM Laura
    • BGM Sarah
    • BGM Belly Pucker
    • BGM Cellulite Belly HD
    • BGM Cinch Waist





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