Astrania HD Suit and Armor for Genesis 9

Asset Link:
Compatible Software: Daz Studio

Required Products: Genesis 9 Starter Essentials


The Astrania HD Suit and Armor for Genesis 9 is an Android-style Suit and Armor set and SciFi gun with a Baroque-Rococo look.

The Suit is a geoshell with HD Morphs for Genesis 9.  The HD Suit Details for the Suit, Gorget, Pauldrons, and Bracers were sculpted in Zbrush and may be turned on or off using the corresponding sliders. The Boots are not HD but have highly detailed textures to make the look of the other items.

Everything is designed to work on the Genesis 9 figure and includes custom shape support for the Victoria 9, Ally 9, Amala 9, Joan 9, Kiri 9, Laura 9, and Tara 9. The outfit will also fit many other Genesis Figure Shapes with autofit and increase the smoothing modifier value as needed. Mix and match the Armor items and HD suit with other Genesis 9 Clothing items you already have and create your own unique-looking Android-type characters for your renders. T

The Astrania HD Suit and Armor for Genesis 9 will make a great addition to your DAZ Studio Library.





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