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Compatible Software: Daz Studio


Armbinder 2 for Genesis 9

This gorgeous restraint tool renders your girl totally helpless,
exposed and vulnerable. Put her on display, toss her around and use
her like a rag doll however you wish. Makes even the most insolent,
rebellious bitch submit herself as the plaything she is.

It is a leather envelope that is placed over her folded arms and locks
magnetically using embedded super-magnets. Her arms and hands are
safely stored in this thick, padded sleeve. From inside, it is
completely impossible to open by mere girl strength.

This product is a conforming wearable. It includes the arm pose, a
wearable preset and 6 material presets for the Armbinder. Also,
scripts are included to lock/unlock the arm pose which is very helpful
when combining the Armbinder with other poses.

It conforms well to almost any body shape (also male shapes).
Additionally, it offers 22 adjustment properties to help fitting in
difficult cases. It follows the pose of the figure. Naturally, the
mobility of the arms is very limited. The shoulders and upper arms
should only be moved within a small range to look believable.





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