Alexus For Genesis 8.1 Female

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Compatible Software: Daz Studio


Alexus For Genesis 8.1 Female is here! From the planet Lunus in a distant galaxy comes a girl who tries to escape from her pursuers.

Her name is Alexus and she has special powers, as few other inhabitants have. The neurons of these inhabitants can change the fate of the planet, saving it from imminent self-destruction. But Alexus found that none of this is true.

The government just wants to build a superweapon to conquer the Earth and, to make that weapon powerful, they need those neurons. Alexus has now taken refuge on Earth, warning the people of the danger of an invasion.

Now, it’s your turn to save the Earth and Alexus’s planet from her enemies. What tactic will you use? Help Alexus to fight the conquerors! Create amazing renders for this space tale! Alexus is what you need to match stunning illustrations and outstanding adventures!

The G8.1 PBR Skin Shader is included!





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