AJC Dream Doll Outfit for Genesis 9

Artist: https://www.daz3d.com/adeilsonjc
Asset Link: https://www.daz3d.com/ajc-dream-doll-outfit-for-genesis-9
Compatible Software: Daz to Unity Bridge, Daz to Unreal Bridge, Daz Studio 4.22, Daz to 3ds Max Bridge, Daz to Blender Bridge, Daz to C4D Bridge, Daz to Maya Bridge

Required Products: Genesis 9 Starter Essentials


Are you ready to rock the most amazing look ever?  How about a set that comes with everything you need to feel fabulous?  Introducing the “AJC Dream Doll Outfit for Genesis 9”, your dream set!  The Set comes with a cute shirt, a pair of jeans shorts, a pair of rollerblades to slide around town, a cassette player to listen to your favorite tunes, and a pair of socks to match your style. AJC Dream Doll Outfit is more than a set, it’s a way to express your personality and beauty. The product includes textures in 4k and 8k. Don’t waste time and buy your dream doll now, the set that will make you a real doll!





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