Aegis Sword: Dueling Poses III for Genesis 3 & 8 Females

Asset Link:
Compatible Software: Daz Studio

Required Products: Aegis Sword for Genesis 3 & 8 Females


Aegis Sword Dueling Poses III provides your Genesis 3 & 8 Females with swift, elegant, powerful, and accurate techniques while using as little of her energy as possible. Dueling Poses III relies on extreme precision advance and guard movements with minimal effort, while the opponent tires. Dueling poses III is a form that is commonly recognizable when the duelist uses only one hand to wield their blade.

27 unique poses total. Pair the Advance and Guard presets with each other to easily create pre-fab dueling scenes. 9 individual ready or ‘neutral’ stances are also included.

Aegis Sword for Genesis 3 & 8 females IS REQUIRED for this product. Poses are applied as wearable presets, and the sword asset is parented to the figure. Both left, and right hand poses are included.





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